Ag Lease Auctions

The Board offers agricultural Leases at public auction in the County where the land is located. The two lists below show those parcels for which Lease auctions have been scheduled, and those parcels for which the auctions have not yet been scheduled. Most Lease auctions occur in the last three months of the year. Further information on these auctions can be obtained by calling the local Field Representative (see Staff List) or Laura Linden in our office at 402-471-3144, or by email.

Each sale ad will be available in PDF format three to four weeks prior to the auction. Lease auction dates may occasionally be changed before the sale ad is finalized. Upon request, we will be glad to send you a copy of the sale information.

Our standard applications for Lease, and Educational Land Lease Forms are available in PDF format (this standard lease form is not subject to modification by a potential lessee.) To view the forms in PDF format, visit the “AG Forms” page under Info/Forms and click on “Standard Applications for Lease, and Educational Land Lease Forms”. At your request, we will gladly forward a photocopy of these forms to you.

When the final advertised notice is published in a newspaper located in the County in which the land is located, the notice may contain stipulations --- that is, special conditions --- which apply to particular tracts. These stipulations are additions to the Standard Lease Forms. They are very important and should be carefully reviewed before the auction. The stipulations are also available before the auction on our website or you may contact us for a copy. The stipulations are listed on the advertisement and a copy may also be viewed at the County Treasurer's office.

Current Lease Auctions

Location maps and aerial maps of a specific parcel for which a sale date has been set can be viewed by clicking on a specific County Location Map and then a specific Plat (pdf) found under “Current Lease Auctions.” Land classifications shown on the aerial maps are changed occasionally. A copy of the lease advertisement, including rent, term and any stipulations, can be found here 3-4 weeks ahead of the auction date.

Current Lease Auctions
Sale Date Sale Ad (pdf) Plat (pdf) Location Map

Upcoming Lease Auctions

Locations and aerial maps of a specific parcel for which a sale date has not yet been set can be viewed by clicking on the specific County below.

Upcoming Lease Auctions
Sale Date County Status No. of Tracts
Nov. 12 Garden Preview 7
Nov. 12 Deuel Preview 6
Nov. 13 Box Butte Preview 19
Nov. 13 Otoe Preview 3
Nov. 13 Blaine Preview 9
Nov. 13 Morrill Preview 2
Nov. 14 Sheridan Preview 13
Nov. 14 Polk Preview 2
Nov. 14 Boyd Preview 13
Nov. 15 Lincoln Preview 16
Nov. 15 Wheeler Preview 8
Nov. 15 Logan Preview 1
Nov. 18 Pawnee Preview 2
Nov. 18 Keya Paha Preview 13
Nov. 18 Richardson Preview 3
Nov. 19 Scotts bluff Preview 5
Nov. 19 Madison Preview 11
Nov. 19 Pierce Preview 1
Nov. 19 Banner Preview 10
Nov. 20 Holt Preview 22
Nov. 21 Franklin Preview 19
Nov. 21 Arthur Preview 8
Nov. 21 Antelope Preview 12
Sale Date County Status No. of Tracts
Nov. 21 Grant Preview 7
Nov. 22 Cherry Preview 20
Nov. 25 Buffalo Preview 5
Nov. 25 Thayer Preview 5
Nov. 25 Hall Preview 6
Nov. 25 Nuckolls Preview 1
Nov. 26 Frontier Preview 17
Nov. 26 Brown Preview 11
Nov. 26 Rock Preview 15
Nov. 27 Cedar Preview 6
Nov. 27 Knox Preview 15
Dec. 2 Greeley Preview 5
Dec. 2 Sherman Preview 14
Dec. 3 Chase Preview 8
Dec. 3 Cheyenne Preview 7
Dec. 3 Dundy Preview 1
Dec. 3 Kimball Preview 6
Dec. 4 Loup Preview 14
Dec. 4 Custer Preview 21
Dec. 5 Perkins Preview 13
Dec. 5 Keith Preview 14
Dec. 10 Hayes Preview 11