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Land Sales

Because of the current uncertainty in the real estate market, the Board has reduced its sale of school lands.  Although the Board does occasionally sell land, it prefers to enter into land trades.  For information regarding potential land-trade properties, see the Land Trades section of this website.

All of the board’s parcels are currently leased.  In order to purchase or trade for any of the parcels, at least one of the following four conditions must be present:

  1. The current lease will expire during the year.
  2. The current lessee is willing to relinquish, or give up, their lease. Of course, if you are the current lessee, you would need to relinquish the current lease before an auction can occur.
  3. The current lessee is willing to assign their lease to a successful auction bidder.
  4. The current lease contains a "call" provision. A "call" provision allows the Board to terminate the lease by giving a specified notice to the current lessee.

Contact Field Representative (Please see Staff Page): To purchase or trade for any parcel, contact the field representative for the county where the parcel is located to discuss what options may be available and current opinion of value. This value range is non-binding and is subject to revision up or down depending upon any certified general appraisal obtained by the Board or the Board's opinion of the value of the parcel.

Auction: By statute, all land sales are by public auction. Thus, although you may have agreed to pay the beginning bid price at auction, others are also free to bid.  Furthermore, the highest bidder does not become the purchaser of the property until the Board confirms the sale shortly after the auction.

Payment: If you are the successful bidder at auction for a parcel, 20% of the purchase price (not the beginning bid price) shall be payable at the auction. The balance shall be due within 90 days of the Board's approval of the sale. Payments must be by bank draft, certified check or cash.

See the Land Trades section of this website for more information about acquiring land.

Any properties that the Board may currently be offering for sale are shown below.  Please read the entire land sale advertisement carefully:
Scheduled Land Sales


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